Desiree Cox

Desiree Cox, M.D., M. Phil., Ph.D.

Bridging the Valley of Death in The Bahamas: Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine, and Longevity-Enhancing Technologies.

Suresh Rattan

Suresh Rattan, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Hormesis and hormetins as drugs for health and longevity.

Bill Cham, PhD from Vanuatu

Treating and preventing skin cancers

Sladjana Nedic, M.D. from South Africa

Abdominal obesity: More than a cosmetic concern, it’s a sign of a complex insulin resistance syndrome requiring functional medicine assessment and reversal.

Marios Kyriazis, M.D. from Cyprus

The interesting sTORy of Rapamycin

Rob Verkerk, Ph.D. from the UK

Micronutrients that save lives: looking beyond essentiality

Brian Delaney, Ph.D. from Florida

Genes are not destiny: new options for APOE-ε4

Liz Parrish, Ph.D., from Washington

Gene therapies, the latest developments

Abdul Slocum, M.D., from Türkiye

Multi-disciplinary approaches to cancer

Elena Seranova, Ph.D. from the UAE

Maximizing healthspan with NAD+ brain and cellular optimisation

Michael Zacharia, M.D. from Australia

How to use bioidentical hormones

Meleni Aldridge, BSc, from the UK

Brain inflammation: quench the fire and regenerate

Bill Lawrence, Ph.D. from Georgia

Organ regeneration via peptide bioregulators

Treating and dealing with long Covid

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Subjects to include:

  • Treating and preventing skin cancers
  • Organ regeneration via peptide bioregulators
  • Improving stem-cell activity
  • Gene therapies
  • The benefits of fasting
  • Reversing grey hair
  • How to use bioidentical hormones
  • Enhancing NAD
  • Improving autophagy and removing dead cells (senescence)
  • mTOR and rapamycin
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to cancer
  • Tackling long-term CV19
  • Reducing the free radical load
  • Dealing with brain inflammation
  • Discovering the right food/ nutrition
  • Other promising peptides, including GHRPs
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